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The Best Bitcoin Casino Faucet

Bitcoin Faucets are sites that every few minutes dispense a small amount of Bitcoins for free. As these sites are basically giving away free money, they have become extremely popular.

Regular online casino players know that there are three types of online casinos today. One would be the regular online casinos that accept all kinds of payment methods from credit cards to cryptocurrency.

The second type of casino accepts credit cards and other Fiat payment methods.

Last but not the least would be casinos that only accept cryptocurrency as payments, these are called “Bitcoin Casinos” and the casino that we will be reviewing today is none other than

We will be looking into what this online casino is all about. Do they have the regular features that an online casino has? Or would they be a trailblazer in this very competitive niche of online gambling?

To start exploring their website (games are limited to registered users) we need to create an account with them. What surprised us is that on their homepage it says that you are able to register instantly. That’s neat since this is a Bitcoin Casino and of course, being anonymous is always the priority! So let’s try their registration process and see if it is in fact, “instant”.

Oddly, to create an account, all you need to provide is a username and click on Join. What they did here is really sneaky, since, after the “instant” registration process, you will be asked for a password and email address to provide them. Though this can be made without any problems, the misleading “instant” account creation is sad.

They do have a “Do it later” button, so we’re going to click that for now. After ignoring the password and email requirement, we are redirected to the registered account homepage. In this page, the available games are listed which will be discussed below.
Available Games

Unlike other online casinos that have a lot of tabs that a player can go through, here they only have one game page where everything is featured. Due to the limited number of games that they offer, we will be going through each and every one of them to better get an idea of what games they have.


To start the game of Blackjack, first, the player needs to place a bet. Once the bet is placed the blackjack dealer will deal two cards per side. Once the two cards have been dealt, the player has the chance to “Stand” with those cards. This means that the player decides to keep the cards that have been dealt and no revisions are needed. If the player thinks that the two cards are not able to win a hand, they have an option to take a “Hit” or get an extra card. Additional moves do not require more bets to be placed compared to regular casino games where a move takes additional money to play.


This classic single player game is known throughout the world and if you are one of the few that haven’t played this game yet then you are missing out big time! Here at, the game starts by placing your bet on the BTC space provided. The player is also able to adjust the number of mines in the grid, the more mines, the higher the multiplier! Once everything is in place, just click on Play and start guessing which box/boxes contain diamond/s. The automated betting can also be turned ON if you want to bet automatically.


Playing Plinko is easier than playing Mines. In Plinko, you just need to place your bet amount of BTC, choose the risk multiplier you want to go with and the number of pins that are on the table. Once everything is in place, just click on a bet and the ball will fall down to the multiplier on the bottom of the table. This is probably one of our favorite games here since the player always wins! (At least we think so) Automated betting in Plinko is fun since there would be an unlimited number of balls falling down in fast succession.


Roulette is a basic casino game that should be available to play no matter what online casinos gamblers would visit. When we first saw this game being listed among their available games, we were thrilled to register an account and try it out for ourselves. It looks just like a regular Roulette game but without the option to just plainly choose either Red or Black. You need to bet on the available shaded numbers and go with that. Before the game is started, the player needs to set the price per one chip on the upper left-hand side of the game window.


Chartbet is a new game that we recently saw in a different Bitcoin Casino, wherein you will be betting on the market. It’s just like shitcointrading but on the betting side of the numbers game. The logic of the game is to purchase stock and sell it before it goes down again and make a profit out of it. You can ride the charts or you can place it in auto and eject before you lose the chart game.

Dice (Sphere)

Dice games are scattered all over the Bitcoin Casino scenes since this is probably the staple Bitcoin casino game that people are playing these days. We’re sure that you guys have noticed that a regular online casino website always have Slot games, right? If regular online casino websites have Slot games, BTC Casinos have Dice games. Here at, gamblers will be able to enjoy the dice game with their automated betting that some have grown accustomed to. To start the game you just need to enter the amount of BTC you want to wager, select the payout and the dice game will automatically give you the percentage of the dice roll.


This game is really reminiscent of a real casino place where people usually get stuck at due to the game mechanics being easy to understand. And of course, if you understand what’s going on, then you would be hesitant in gambling money. All you need to do is predict if the next card that will be drawn is higher or lower than the previous one! If you do not know the rank of cards, then here it is: King has the highest value of the deck and Ace being the lowest. A fair warning: Please keep a watch beside you since this game is really addicting and will eat through time easily.

Diamond Poker

Diamond Poker is what you think it is. Playing poker with a bunch of diamonds in hand! The rules are the same with a regular poker game but with diamonds instead of cards. We’re not a big fan of this poker rendition as it honestly isn’t entertaining at all. If you are a fan of diamond games, then this will be a blast for you. The game rules will be explained on the first time you opened the game, please take note of the hands available to play with.


Keno is a really fast pace Bingo game wherein a player choose a set of numbers and bets on them. The maximum number of numbers that can be picked is 10. The more numbers that will be drawn the larger the amount payout. Before the game can be started, the wager amount needs to be fixed. After that, you are then able to choose the ten numbers you think is lucky or use their auto pick feature that will help you choose the numbers for you.


It is nice to see this regular casino favorite to be part of a BTC Casino game listing! Before you start the game you first need to assign the chip value. Once this has been done, the game can then be played. If you do not know how to play Baccarat, we recommend reading more about it here since this is a really fun and enjoyable game to play. Interface, User-Features, and Bonuses!

How did you like their list of available games to play with? Let’s talk about that! Their game selection is not as huge as some online casinos today but they are operating on a different level than them. If you might have noticed, some BTC Casinos would only have one casino game for their customers. The most common game would be Dice BTC casinos wherein you do not have any choices, but to play dice. Here in, they have a number of games which you are able to place a wager at using BTC!

Their website is professionally designed and you do not need to wait for a few seconds for the games to load since they load fast and crisp without any lag issues whatsoever. In addition, they have Provably Fair installed in every game being offered on this website, which makes it great and stress-free!

Remember that earlier in this review we told you guys that we skipped the email step? There was a reason for that since we wanted to talk about their BTC “Faucet” feature that they have on their website. This is a regular BTC faucet wherein registered users (provided email addresses) will be able to get BTC into their account for free. Simply provide your email address and the BTC Faucet will be activated.

As shown in the screenshot, our account received 0.00000100 BTC just by adding an email account. Free BTC will be given out every 5 minutes and abuse of this bonus feature will result in your account being banned permanently.
How to get your money In and Out

As we all know by now, this is a BTC website which means that every transaction made is made in Bitcoin. This, of course, includes deposits and withdrawals for your account. To deposit you just need to head on to your account and page and click on the Plus Sign on the upper right hand of the page to open up the deposits and withdrawal page.

There’s no charge for deposits placed here at, all you need to do is copy the provided address and or scan the QR Code available. We advise that you guys refresh the deposit address every time a deposit is made just to make sure that the address is not used again. When it comes to withdrawal all you need to do is provide your personal Bitcoin wallet address and the amount you want to withdraw. Please be advised that there is a transaction fee of 0.00020000 BTC per withdrawal and the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00200000 BTC. As per their website, the withdrawal will be completed once an account has successfully deposited two times.
Connect to Support

We have already stated this in many of our reviews, but we just want to let you guys know again that customer support is crucial when it comes to online casino websites due to the nature of their business and how they handle people’s money. Here at, their customer service can be accessed through their “More” tab beside their main Games tab which can be found on the upper left-hand side of the website. Click on the Live Support tab and the live chat support will pop-up on the right-hand side panel of the website.


Honestly, this website is awesome compared to any other BTC casinos today. Here at, you will not only find more than one BTC game, there’s also a BTC faucet that replenishes for you so that games can be played for FREE! They do not have free coins, but the faucet is ample enough to let you experience betting without having to use your money. The way their website is designed is pretty much a refreshing sight compared to other BTC casinos today and we definitely had fun reviewing this website since it didn’t have any lags while going through different tabs. All-in-all, this is a solid 4.5 website that deserves more attention and credit.


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  • Medium Rare N.V.
  • Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

Provably Fair

  • Yes

Languages of the site

  • English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japonese, Chinese, Turkish, Polish, Korean


Players allowed

  • UK, CAN

+ & –

+ Provably Fair
+ Fast loading screens
+ Bitcoin Faucet
+ Hassle-Free signups

Limited number of games


  • Blackjack, Mines, Plinko, Roulette, Chartbet, Dice, Hi-Lo, Keno, Baccarat


  • BTC Faucet

Deposits & Withdrawals

  • Bitcoin, BCH ABC, Ethereum, Doge, Litecoin
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